By creating a family account or accepting a family account invitation, you agree to the following terms and the Instacart+ terms.  You also agree that Instacart may share your name, address, and cart information with any individual who accepts an invitation to join the family account.  Upon creation of a family account or acceptance of a family account invitation, all of your future carts created on Instacart will automatically become Family Carts.  You will also have the ability to convert any existing personal cart into a Family Cart. You agree that each Family Cart will be shared with all family account members and each family account member may: 

  • view all information associated with the cart including the selected retailer, delivery address (if applicable), and items in the cart; 
  • add or remove items from the cart; 
  • create or delete new carts visible to all family account members;    
  • place an order for the items in the cart; and
  • receive communications, notifications and/or confirmations regarding the cart, changes to items in the cart, status of orders placed using a family cart.   

Family Carts will be shared with all active family account members until an order is placed or all items are removed from the Family Cart.  If you place an order from a family cart, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for:

  • reviewing and/or updating the items, replacement preferences, and other attributes of the Family Cart prior before the order; 
  • payment, order management, and correspondence with any shopper assigned to the order or with Instacart customer service regarding any issues; and 
  • ensuring that you are present for the delivery (if necessary) and that you meet the requirements for ordering and receiving any regulated items (ex. alcohol, where available).  

The family account feature is not a guaranteed benefit of an Instacart+ membership and Instacart reserves the right to limit the availability of the feature to select Instacart+ members and/or to limit the ability of certain invitees to participate in family accounts.  Instacart may limit the number of concurrent participants in a family account and remove members from your family account if it reduces the total number of concurrent participants. 

The family account feature is available to customers and invitees who: 

  • have an existing Instacart account or create a new one; 
  • have not been a member of another family account with the same/related users; and
  • accept these terms, the Instacart Terms of Service, and the Privacy Policy to participate (collectively, the “Criteria”).  

If you invite individuals to a family account who do not meet these Criteria or accept invitations to a family account without meeting these Criteria, Instacart may temporarily or permanently block or limit your ability to join, create, or invite others to family accounts.  Instacart reserves the right to remove or suspend family account members who do not meet these Criteria.  In addition, Instacart, in its sole discretion, may impose limits on the number of family account invitations that can be sent, the number of family account members that can participate in a family account, and the number of different family accounts a user can join.   

Family account members will have access to certain Instacart+ benefits associated with the membership, if applicable.  Instacart reserves the right to limit the Instacart+ benefits that are shared with members of the family account.  Instacart+ benefits that are triggered by placing orders on Instacart (e.g. any offer to earn credit back on pickup or other rewards program) will only be awarded to the family account member placing the order.  Such benefits will not be shared and cannot be transferred or counted towards another family member’s progress towards obtaining any bonus or incentive associated with placing an order or multiple orders.  By accepting a family account invitation, you agree that Instacart may limit your ability to redeem or participate in offers to receive free or discounted Instacart+ memberships or trials even if no such restrictions are specified in the offer.  In addition, Instacart may restrict your ability to access any offer, incentive or other benefit that has a one per household limitation if such offer, incentive or benefit has already been redeemed by another member of the family account.  

Family account members will immediately lose access to all active family carts and any shared Instacart+ benefits if:

  • the family account creator deactivates the family account; 
  • the family account creator removes a member from the family account;
  • the family account member leaves the family account.

Any shared Instacart+ benefits will also terminate if the shared Instacart+ membership expires or is terminated.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Instacart reserves the right to disqualify you from participating in the family account feature if Instacart suspects or determines, in its sole discretion, you have invited individuals who do not meet the Criteria or you have engaged in any fraud, tampering, abuse, or violation of our Terms of Service or these terms (“Disqualification”). You will have no claim against Instacart and/or any affiliated company regarding any Disqualification or for any issue relating to your use of the family account or family cart features.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither Instacart nor any affiliated company shall be liable for any losses arising out of any use of the family account or family cart feature, the failure or inability of a customer to use the family account feature, or any Disqualification relating to the family account feature.  

All of the provisions of these Terms are subject to change by Instacart at any time. Instacart reserves the right to modify or cancel the family account feature at any time. 

If notice of changes is required under applicable consumer protection laws, we will provide you with written notice of any changes to these Terms, setting out the change(s) at least 30 days before the change becomes effective.  If you refuse this change, you may deactivate or leave your family account. 

These terms and all related documents are drafted in the English language at the express request of the parties.